Essay on Iran, a Martyrs Welfare State

Essay on Iran, a Martyrs Welfare State

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Reflection Paper: Iran, a Martyrs Welfare State
The article states that there are two groups in Iran; one that is ideologically in line with the Government and the second, those who receive the benefits. The former group would not join “The Green Movement”, due either apathy or political indoctrination. The second group would participate in an uprising, when their funding runs out, meaning these people are bought and paid for- is that true?
Iran does have what could be termed a “welfare state”, there are varied programs in the Irani-an government to designed protect those from economic risk. However, instead on system for all the people there are two, according to the article each one has its own set of the population these programs take care of. Those two are the revolutionary welfare regime, which the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee is a part of and the rural village health system; this program helps the neediest. In addition, the Iranian welfare state assists those less fortunate by targeting pub-lic commodities to this narrow group of the population- is this to buy their loyalty?
This is similar to the US, there are also various programs designed to help the needy, with each one having its own sphere of aid. The Social Security Administration, and the Medicare system; the food stamp program, administered by the agricultural department and student grants and loans administered by the Department of Education. In manner of speaking, several of these programs do foster a sense a sense of entitlement and a desire to keep the status quo. This is achieved by keeping those in power that are favorable to those programs- a way to keep a re-gime in power. More minorities, poor and women tend to support the Democratic Party.
It appears th...

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...eir territory did well, a ticket to the prestigious universities was in order, however, in this instance, no one bothered to ask if anyone in that village if they knew what do with a mailbox. No training took place for the villagers who were largely illiterate and no postal service existed within that region, but nonetheless, the person that established that mailbox was photographed by a government official and declared a national hero
In short the IRI social-welfare program may not be as robust as in the US, according to the arti-cle approximately 20 billion dollars is spent, about 1% of government outlays, compared to over half of government outlays in the US. But, it does have one- and as Iran becomes more inte-grated in the world economy and social discourse matures (the twitter revolution) will the peo-ple demand more of a say in how these funds are allocated?

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