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Ipod Video

The Ipod video, which has only been available for a few days, is the one product in Best Buy that I would particularly like to own. Specifically the 30 gigabyte Black Ipod Video. What makes this product so attractive is first, obviously, it can play videos. Up to 75 hours that is! The next thing that caught my eye about this product is that it can easily be connected to a digital camera to transfer photos. This means that there is no need for numerous memory cards on a long trip with your digital camera. The final factor that makes me want to go purchase this product today is that it only costs $299, which is only a mere $20 more than the 4 gigabyte Ipod mini was recently marked at.
According to the Apple web site the 30 gigabyte Ipod video has the following specifications. A capacity to store seven thousand five hundred songs, seventy five hours of video, two thousand five hundred photos, a battery life of over fourteen hours, and a 2.5 inch backbit LCD screen with 320x240 pixel resolution. And not to mention its only weighs 4.8 ounces and is less than a half an inch thin.
There are several competitors to the Ipod Video. While many might think a competitor to the Ipod video would be another mp3 player such as the Rio Karma but I believe they would be mistaken. The Ipod video has jumped into an entirely different market, its competitors are the PMP's or the Portable Media Players. This market has been slow to advance due to their high end prices and bugs within their first few models, but the Ipod Video can change this. Of the PMP's the most well known up to this point would have to be the Creative Zen Portable Media Center 20GB MP3/Video Player. This player is full of basically the same features as the Ipod Video and it also has a slightly larger viewing area, but for its high cost of upwards of four hundred and fifty dollars it has a substantially smaller hard drive. I believe it is overpriced and judging from several on line review sites it is full of bugs. Another competitor in the Portable Media Player market is Archos 30GB Mobile Digital Video Recorder. One of the good features about this product is that it can be docked directly to your television and can record straight from the Television.

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While may be worth it for some people to pay extra for this feature, I already have a computer capable of doing this, I can obtain video for my Ipod video very easily. The Price tag for this product is around $449. It is simply not worth it for me to pay that price when I can get everything I want from the Ipod Video.
The Ipod Video can replace a closet full of items. Not only does it replace your stereo in your house, it can very easily also be implemented into any car to replace the stereo in your car. For roughly $100 you can take your car to Best Buy and they can install an input for your Ipod Directly into your current CD player or Radio. This is an incredible feature for road trips as you can never here the same song twice. Now, With the Ipod Video, the Ipod can be mounted on the dashboard so that the video screen can be visible and the passengers in your car can enjoy a movie or two or fifty. The Ipod video also erases any need for extra memory cards for your digital camera. Furthermore over the past few years small portable DVD players have become popular, with this new product there is no need for them as the Ipod can hold seventy five hours of video, plenty for any plane ride or cross country road trip. And not to mention it still does the job of all the older models of Ipods so it can be bought by anyone and fully replace their older model Ipod.
I believe the $299 price tag is worth every penny. The four gigabyte Ipod Mini was selling for $279 less than three months ago. Therefore, for only twenty more dollars you can get twenty six more gigabyte, color screen that can play videos, and the ability to store photos. I'd say its well worth it. It's closest competitor costs over $400 and only has twenty gigabyte of memory and comes packed with bugs. From experience apple products have been very crash proof as well as fool proof and i would expect nothing less in their newest model.
I consider myself a very tech-savvy person and have looked into buying an Ipod for a long time. I was almost fooled into buying the Ipod Nano, because of its small size and flashy looks but now I am glad I held out because the Ipod Video is a much better buy. The Ipod Nano four gigabyte retails for $249 which is a mere $50 less than the 30 gigabyte Ipod Video which cripples the nano in memory and features. The nano also uses flash memory as opposed to the physical hard drive in the Ipod Video. Flash memory, over time, degrades much faster than a physical hard drive. So the Video theoretically has a much longer lifespan as well. It is my opinion that the Ipod Video is the real deal and not just another flashy product from Apple.
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