Iphone Separation Causes Negative Psychological And Physiological Outcomes

Iphone Separation Causes Negative Psychological And Physiological Outcomes

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They had hypothesized that self-reported levels of state anxiety, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, self-reported unpleasantness, and heart rate in beats per minute (BPM) would be greater when participants are separated from their ringing iPhone than when they had their phones in their possession (had their phones with them). They also hypothesized that self-reported levels of extended self, and performance would be lower when participants are separated from their ringing iPhone than when they possessed it. They found all of their hypothesis to be confirmed, and all results reached significant interactions. They concluded that iPhone separation causes negative psychological and physiological outcomes. They discussed that attention plays a role in this mechanism because people distract themselves with internal anxiety, as much as external stimuli can distract them. They further suggested if an individual does not experience phone separation anxiety, then the ringing of the phone would be less distracting to them. Thus, iPhone separation can have severe impact on attention during cognitive tasks. In real life applications, iPhone or technology may be reducing attention in daily interactions, by impacting mental resources that may be needed for other tasks.
As Clayton, Leshner and Almond (2015) discussed, attention may to be affected by technological usage. Bockarova, (2016) further extended this concept to state that technology uses may be reducing empathy, as technology is shown to have a negative impact on attention, and attention is needed to produce sincere empathetic responses. Bockarova, (2016) noted technology uses could be heightening the effects of mind wandering and shortening attention span, as it can p...

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...creased stress. Orzech, Grandner, Roane, Carskadon (2015) examined the association between digital media use and sleep and found that digital media use before bed time generally has negative effects on sleep outcomes. They implicated three possible explanations for this mechanism. They suggested an excessive amount of time one uses on computers and media before going to sleep could be leading to less sleep time. Second, technology use before bedtime heightened physiological arousal affecting sleep, and lastly, bright screens may be affecting melatonin levels that are associated with sleep. Grandner, Roane, Carskadon (2015) concluded that digital media use may affect sleep in a negative way, specifically for college students, and may have other negative consequences, given that sleep plays a significant role in an individual 's physical and psychological well-being.

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