Iphone : For Smartphone Addiction Essay

Iphone : For Smartphone Addiction Essay

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It 's hard to believe it 's only been 10 years since the debut of the iPhone. In that short time, smartphones have become so ubiquitous that an estimated two-thirds of Americans own one, and there 's a term — nomophobia — for smartphone addiction. Are you one of the remaining few who still uses a phone that doesn 't double as calendar, camera, and wallet? Now is the time to take the leap. The newest smartphones offer more features and functionality than ever before, including a few things you 've never even dreamed of.
Pick Your Platform

The first decision smartphone shoppers need to make is which platform they want. One of the easiest ways to do this is to stick with what you know. If you 're comfortable using a Mac, you 'll find the transition to an iPhone incredibly intuitive. Apple 's latest OS upgrade includes features like Apple Music and a new Photos app that make it easy to access all of your content across all of your devices. You can answer calls on your laptop, pull up your phone 's photo library from your desktop, and access files from your desktop on your phone using iCloud Drive.

If you 're not an Apple fan, take a look at Android, the most popular mobile platform in the world. Unlike Apple, Android phones are all over the map in terms of design, which means you can choose the model and price point that works best for you. If you have a mobile carrier you like, narrow down your 2 tier smartphone choices by taking a look at their selection of Android phones. Popular models include Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Moto, and Nexus.

There is a third option for die-hard Microsoft fans. Windows phones haven 't yet found their niche with consumers, but some industry insiders think Windows 10 may be the missing link.
Big vs. Smal...

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...hone falling into the wrong hands.

Finally, what if enjoying a relaxing smoke was as easy as pulling out your smartphone? Jupiter is a vaping device and smartphone in one. Vaporcade, the company that makes Jupiter, is both the only cellular vaping company in the world and the only app-driven company in the vaping industry. This innovation promises to introduce a new level of functionality and luxury to smartphones.

Are you convinced it 's time to finally upgrade to a smartphone? Don 't forget to invest in a phone with a solid processor and enough memory to stand up to all the apps, photos, songs, and videos you 're about to dive into. Be sure to also do your homework on battery life, so you don 't run out of juice after a few hours of playing with your favorite new toy. Now get ready to say goodbye to that tired old flip phone and find out what you 've been missing.

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