Essay on Iphone : A Revolutionary New Cell Phone

Essay on Iphone : A Revolutionary New Cell Phone

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In 2007, the Apple Corporation invented a revolutionary new cell phone called the
“iPhone.” Since then, there have been numerous upgrades and enhancements made to their original idea. Today, it is guaranteed that you will see multiple people with an iPhone in everyday life. The iPhone helps ordinary people complete tasks and make connections with a few simple taps on a screen that we were not able to do before, such as searching a topic or finding directions to a new restaurant, all within seconds and in the palm of our hands. The iPhone can be evaluated by its construction, universal service, and personalization. The iPhone has made everyday life and completing tasks much easier, and has revolutionized and transformed society into one of technology for the better.
The iPhone was first introduced in 2007 by the inventors at the Apple Corporation, and immediately became a sensation. The iPhone is a touch-screen cell phone that includes applications ranging from a calculator, calendar, and a contacts page, to a GPS tracker, mobile internet, and a music application. The iPhone can also be used to download other applications such as games or things of interest to the user. Since its release, the iPhone has upgraded several times until the most recent iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, each update upgrading camera quality, available internal memory, and more efficient applications for the user’s convenience. The iPhone is easily recognized by its rectangular shape and signature engraved apple on the back of the device. The most recent updates made to the iPhone include being able to unlock the device with the user’s fingerprint recognition, allowing the user to take a panoramic photograph, and being able to easily switch between applicat...

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... for profit (O’Hara 93). This causes an irregularity in sales, as well as those buying these devices from the street potentially having an illegal device. The iPhone’s popularity also comes with consequences such as this.
All in all, the iPhone is a modern piece of technology that allows users to connect with friends and loved ones at the few clicks of a screen, and allows users to complete certain tasks within seconds in the palms of their hands. The iPhone has become a part of modern life, and one will find it difficult to go a day without seeing a person with an iPhone in their hand. With its popularity and its constant updates and upgrades every few months, the iPhone will most likely become a mascot of the 21st century. With its perks and room for improvement, the iPhone will continue to change the modern world, and make life easier for users, for the better.

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