Essay on iPads and Tablets In Elementary Classrooms

Essay on iPads and Tablets In Elementary Classrooms

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Tablets and iPads are being used in elementary schools to advance the technology in classrooms. Some say that these devices are being used in classrooms because elementary students in this generation are already using these devices at home for learning. Schools all over the United States have begun to carry out million dollar plans to supply their students with Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung electronic “notebooks”. Many schools have hopped on the bandwagon and decided to incorporate iPads and Tablets into their curriculum. Middle and high schools have introduced the idea of using tablets and iPads but only as an alternative to carrying big books. Elementary schools have no legitimate reason to use these expensive devices. Unlike middle and high schools, these devices will only serve as a distraction to young students. iPads and Tablets should not be used in elementary classrooms for learning purposes because they create a distraction, eliminate the traditional ways of learning, include applications that may not portray the right ideas, and there are many difficulties that come with electronic devices.
Students in elementary schools range from the ages of five through eleven, and making children this age responsible for something that costs around four-hundred dollars sounds absurd. Children look at iPads and Tablets as toys because they have games on them so why do schools provide “toys” to children in a learning environment? Children at the age of five show more signs of independence, meaning they want to make up their own rules and do things on their own. Teachers will have a hard time controlling a room filled with five-year-olds that want to play games on these devices rather than read the digital books presented o...

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