Essay about Ipads And High School Schools

Essay about Ipads And High School Schools

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Have you noticed the widespread increase of students coming home with iPads? Kindergarteners all the way through twelfth grade are getting iPads and this is costing the schools a lot. Schools and teachers at first had no idea if this would help the students in all grades or if the teachers integrate them in their lesson plans. The widespread increase of iPads in the school will not only affect the school and the budget but it may affect the students learning performance as well. Even though many school districts provide iPads and computers for students, however, teacher do not always use available technology, and the cost for the districts and access to the Internet for all students is a concern.
There is a growth of thousands of iPads being introduced in school districts within next year in 45 states. “The district that signed on to the new national Common Core learning standards” (Chandler and Tsukayama 1). This means that the district will be putting in iPads into daily use in the schools as one of their learning standards. The schools in the Saint Paul school district and many others have been using: “classroom technology as a much bigger opportunity to rethink schools” (Chandler and Tsukayama 1). Indeed with the growth of the iPads and technology in the schools the effectiveness of their use is in question. With new technology coming into the schools, students will be getting their own devices to take home and to school, also for the students to be responsible of them. In the school districts they have have outfitted 3 computers for one student and one for the teacher. “Under the new plan, those technology investment will be supplanted by the ipad 's” (“Texas District” 1). So this will mean that there will be only one fo...

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...s and computers for students and teachers, they do not realize they do not always use the available technology, and the cost for the districts and access to the Internet for all students is a concern. Providing iPads is considered a way of addressing the achievement gap. iPads are being used as a wonderful way to close the achievement gap to help meet the standards that the poor/ middle class are not reaching. The widespread increase of iPads in the school will not only affect the school and the budget but it may affect the students learning performance as well. Also district will be putting in iPads into daily use in the schools as one of their learning standards. As technology continues to grow, we are putting in more money without consideration. As old technology dies we will need new and better things to replace them because they are becoming apart of a necessity.

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