Essay on The Ioc 's Olympic Charter Olympism

Essay on The Ioc 's Olympic Charter Olympism

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The IOC over its history has had to balance two different spheres. One of those being its morals and ideas of "Olympism," and the other being the generation of funds to allow their programs to be financially solvent, and have a wider world impact. As the Olympic Games continue on year over year they have seen rising costs in putting on their events which in the past had led the host cities to incur substantial amounts of debt and threaten the games ability to continue. This issue has forced the International Olympic Committee to engage in commercialism, and compromise on their want to be a perfectly moral organization. Through the IOC 's Olympic charter Olympism as "a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles." (Olympic charter, Pg. 14)This perfect moral high ground has been hard for the IOC to maintain when some of its previous corporate sponsors have been in direct violation of this principal, especially the respect of ethical principles. Companies want to market with the IOC because of its wide viewership, and reputation as being morally adept, but in doing so have simultaneously tainted the vison of the IOC by making the organization seem hypocritical. Looking into some of the past scandals that have faced the IOC, errors in their decision making can be seen, and the committee as a whole must to do a better job of vetting sponsors and holding them accountable when their company’s values don’t align with those of the IOC.
Contradictions are to be expected between the IOC and their partners due mostly to the fact of their differing goals. The IOC has a mission of spreading its “Olympism” where all of its partners are primarily moti...

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... if they wanted to end their sponsorship.
This solution addresses the IOC’s differences in motivation and takes their mission of Olympism, and converts it into the mission of their sponsors and sets up a system of punishment for companies that don’t follow their moral standards which would ultimately hurt the company’s bottom line. The reputation of the IOC is influenced by the reputation of its sponsors, and vice versa. By setting these standards consumers can be sure that the sponsors of the IOC are moral companies based off of their sponsorship which would add to the value of the sponsor’s brand. This solution not only promotes Olympism, but also ensures the continued economic viability of the games by allowing the IOC to be able to drop sponsors but still have a lump sum fine that will provide revenue for the IOC as they go out and secure a replacement sponsor.

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