Involvement in Bullying Creates Unsuccessful Adults Essay

Involvement in Bullying Creates Unsuccessful Adults Essay

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Involvement in Bullying Creates Unsuccessful Adults
Bullying is a very serious matter. There are 2,200 suicides per year caused by bullying (“Bullying and Suicide”). Bullying is intentionally trying to make a person’s life worse whether it is from the internet, physical contact, or harsh words. There is a difference between joking with friends and picking on someone who is not their friend, attempting to make them hate their life. Not only is bullying harmful to the one being bullied, but it is also harmful to the bully and especially to the students who are both bullied and bully others. Those who decide to live through the bullying encounter severe effects from it later in life. Children bullied in school grow up to have physical and mental ailments, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and struggle with jobs and have financial problems.
Children who are involved in bullying grow up to have physical and mental ailments. Many develop severe psychological symptoms once they grow up. They have an increased risk in suicide, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and panic attacks (Pappas). Also, victims of bullying have reported frequent sadness, fearfulness, worriness, and nervousness (Sansone). “Bully/victims are at a five times greater risk of depression than uninvolved kids, as well as 10 times the likelihood of suicidal thoughts or actions and 15 times the likelihood of developing a panic disorder” (Pappas). This proves that being involved in bullying causes a greater chance of developing psychological symptoms. Also, several of the children grow up to have somatic symptoms. Some of these symptoms can be poor appetite, sleep disturbances, abdominal pain, fatigue, eating disorders, sore throats, headaches, colds, coughs, and bed wetti...

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