Involved Parents Is Main Goal of a Classroom Teacher Essays

Involved Parents Is Main Goal of a Classroom Teacher Essays

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On March 5, 2014, I sat down with Teacher one and we discussed what her teacher career has been for over 30 years of teaching. Currently working as a teacher with 3 to 4 year old has given her the experience of dealing with diversity and communicating with the parents. She graduated from Mercyhurst University and has plenty of experience of involving parents within her classroom as a main goal in her classroom.
As we were talking she explained to me her multiple ways of building a relationship with her families include having a classroom news letter, the centers news letter, invitations, greeting, and teacher conferences. Within her classroom news letter she explains to me how she uses it to inform the parents what went on in the past month and will be starting on in the beginning month. She feels this is a good way for the parents to see what their child is learning, plus if there is an upcoming field trip she mentions in the news letter the parents can volunteer to come. Within the centers newsletters she mentions how she normally writes a little paragraph on what the class has just completed or learned. For the invitations to the parents on Friday she sends home a letter to the parent’s upcoming events for the week. She writes in the note inviting the parents to read to the class, and come in a volunteer for field trips that week. She also mentions how she has an open door policy for the parents are allowed to come and watch her class whenever they would like. The mornings and when the students are coming in her classroom is a good time to greet the parents. She says this helps to from a bond with the parents and if they have any concerns they can talk for a bit. In her classroom her students get evaluated three times a yea...

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... and certain traditions that come with the holidays. For example, when it was Abraham Lincoln birthday she explained to her students how he was an important person in history and she read to her students a story about Abraham Lincoln. She feels that it is important for her classroom to have diversity.
In Teacher ones classroom she mentions the way she meets with the parents for conferences and open houses is through communication. For the parent conferences it is optional three times a year this is to review the student’s progress within the classroom. She mentions how she sends home a note to the parents and is available when ever is best for the parents. The open house is only for Pre-K counts, but this year it is her goal to have an open house for this class. In the end she feels that she has great communication with her parents about her student’s progress.

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