The Invisible Women Gender, Crime And Justice Essay

The Invisible Women Gender, Crime And Justice Essay

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Women Incarcerated. The Facts, Theories and Solutions
Women over the course of history have been inconspicuous in the eyes of the criminal justice system in the United States; this is very alarming, because women have started to begin doubling the incarceration rate according to the FBI’s Unified Crime Report (UCR). To understand this phenomenon one would start by utilizing scholars and various methods of crime reports to compile a list of facts and theories, however this is information isn’t as abundant as one may think. This is where one author, Joanne Belknap decided to explore in her book, The Invisible Women Gender, Crime and Justice. Belknap covers various facts, theories and even various tested empirical works which has shown failures as well as success through different mediums that try to bridge the gap in solving why women offend as well as are more law abiding. This paper will cover the various types of feminism’s, three theories that try to explore female offenders and solutions to solving the increase of women incarcerated.
Gloria Jean Watkins, is a feminist, social activist and an author, Watkins writes under her alias “bell hooks.” In hook’s book, Feminism is for Everybody, feminism was defined as the movement to end sexist oppression. Another author who has contributed in trying to bridge the gap toward females as offenders is, Joanne Belknap the author of The Invisible Women, elaborated on the word sexism. “Sexismis refers to oppressive attitudes and behaviors directed at either sex; that is sexism is discrimination or prejudice based on gender(PG8).” Women for centuries have been under various forms of discrimination and oppression. Sexism is important to understand, because hooks defined it as a strugg...

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