Essay on Investment Activities of Call Center Agents in Davao City

Essay on Investment Activities of Call Center Agents in Davao City

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Investment is an asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in the future. There are several investment opportunities to choose from it. It is your decision to choose the right one according to your objectives or personal needs.
According to Scissors (2013), As predicted by some and feared by others that the tidal wave of Chinese investment around the world has not materialized. In the first half of 2013, various obstacles to overseas spending by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) kept growth moderately. The dominance of state-owned enterprises has begun to ease but then energy was again the focus, Likewise, in the first half of the year, Chinese investment in the U.S. was substantial, continuing the performance in 2012. This trend indicates that certain American policy choices should be clarified. In the investment from Chinese investments, the U.S. get benefits from it but still there’s little reason to heed Chinese demands for a more welcoming environment until there is progress on American investment in China.
As mentioned by Akhtar (2013), the best returns so far in 2013 was delivered and brought by Japanese investment companies. As highlighted by the stockbroker, the best investment that plays to access Japan with total returns of 53% and 33% were Baillie Gifford Japan and JP Morgan Japanese investment trust. Moreover, Japan funds performed particularly well, with the yen falling over recent months, giving a huge boost to Japanese exporters.
Magtulis (2013) stated that Moody’s Investors Service may finally grant that Philippine as an investment grade status after it put the country’s credit rating on “review for upgrade”. Reaching investment grade status is the target o...

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...vings in banks. Bond is a certificate of debt wherein corporation and government can obtain funds. For the group that issues it, a bond is a way to borrow money. For the person that buys it, a bond is an investment. Stock is the holder of a share of company’s owns a small piece of the firm and is entitled to part of its profits. The owner of a firm sells stock as a way of raising funds to enlarge operations as well as a way of transferring the risk of ownership to someone else. Many people invest in real estate like land and any structures on it, by owning their own homes. Some real estate investors earn income by renting their property to others. Mutual fund is one way to diversify investment. It raises money from investors by selling shares in the fund and then invests the proceeds. Investors can also save their money in banks for personal or emergency use.

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