Investing in Human Capital

Investing in Human Capital

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Investing in Human Capital
When you think of investments you may think of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, savings accounts, CD's, and etc. There is some other way that you can invest. You can invest in your life through various things whether it is volunteer or paid. That is called human capital and that is "the stock of knowledge and skill, embodied in an individual as a result of education, training, and experience that makes them more productive" (1). I have invested in my life in a variety of ways and I will talk about this in the next few paragraphs.
The first thing that I went through was something that started when I was six. That is when I started kindergarten at Kirbyville School. I went to Kirbyville until grade six and then transferred to Branson and went there until I graduated as a senior of the class of 2002. Here is where I learned valuable skills that I can use in college. We all know that we learn the basics like counting and our ABC's all the way up to trigonometry and College Prep English. The most important thing about high school though is that you learn perseverance to get through rigorous studying and long homework assignments. These things prepare you for college. So schooling before college is a very big investment because that is the first building block of getting a job later in life that provide you with a lot of capital.
The next step that I took was going to College of the Ozarks. If this is not preparing me for better money in the future I don't know what is. I am an accounting major and I am taking classes that are giving me a very big potential for a wide variety of jobs in the future. I have taken beginning and intermediate accounting and am taking advanced accounting right now. I have taken cost accounting, government/not-for-profit accounting, tax accounting, and am taking a class to make me better on the computer for accounting. I have also taken business classes to help me understand the managing and marketing aspect of a business. The main teachers in my field of study have been Mr. Mahlman, Mr. Bearden, DR. PETTY, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Moody and Mr. Reily.
I am also going to a college that is a work/study college and that means that you work for your education on campus.

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This is giving me a good work ethic so I can be more productive later in my job. My workstation is at the power plant. My supervisor is Josh Ponder and Gary Brown. They have both shown me how important it is to be safe on the job. I have found out that the least little thing that you wouldn't expect can hurt you. The college focuses a lot on character and character will be used in an upcoming job because if I don't have good character I will probably eventually get fired or I won't be a good productive worker.
My first job at College of the Ozarks was the Friendship house. This will prepare me for the future because I did not want this job to start out with. Since I had the job though I decided I was going to work my hardest so that I could get a good work grade so therefor I could possibly get a good job for the next semester to come. This paid off and I got a ninety nine percent on my work grade and that propelled me to get a really easy job on campus and that is the power plant which I have talked about above. This job also helped my human capital because it taught me how to cook so I could live by myself and not starve. Also since I persevered through this job it taught me character to stick it out through the rough times that might come with other jobs in the future. Craig Crosby was my main supervisor and Leonard was the head cook.
My first human capital investment outside of education is a job that I got when I was sixteen. I worked at a grocery store called IGA. The owner and bosses name is Tony Breeden.
Some of the jobs that I had there was I sacked groceries, stocked and faced shelves, bagged ice, took peoples groceries out and the most important one of them all is that I was a cashier. Being a cashier really helped my human capital because it quite possibly spurred me on to my next job. It helped me to get acquainted with money and how to accurately count it. The big plus on the money aspect is that IGA was a check casing place and the customers went through the cashiers to cash the checks so I had a great deal of experience cashing checks. It also helped me to be a lot more confident with customers and to come out of my shell a little bit. This job also helped me to know how do deal with people who want to get on your nerves and persevere through that. That is key because if you can't persevere through things like that then you will have a hard time with jobs to come.
My next job is that I got a job at a bank called First Community Bank of the Ozarks. I was a teller. A lot of the jobs that I did were cash checks, make savings and checking deposits, make cashiers checks, do cash advances, do bonds, and count change in a money counter. This bank is going to help me a lot to maybe get a job in the future because it has a lot to do with the field that I am going into in college. My job at IGA was a stepping stone into this job in two ways. One is that someone who always came into IGA, whose name is Sandy Bruns, asked me if I liked my job at IGA. I said that I wasn't because it was getting old and I was not getting satisfaction and I wanted to move on to a different job. Sandy worked at First Community Bank and she wanted me to come talk to her about a job there. I went the next morning and talked to here and two weeks later I got a job as a teller. Two because I cashed checks and gave me good sense of money. The reason why it is important that I cashed so many checks is that I didn't get flustered that much with customers being there and also it helped my accuracy because when I left the bank after a year and 2 months I had a perfect balancing record. I think that this job will help me to possibly get a job in the accounting field because in a bank you deal with debits and credits all the time. Every transaction that you do has debits and credits. It helped me to see how accounting works in a bank in that it is backwards to normal accounting. I think future potential jobs will look and see that I have worked in a bank and will have respect for that. In this job I had excellent people for management. They are all well-known people and they will possibly be stepping-stones into another job. This is because when I go to look for an accounting job or something they might be excellent references and know someone who I might be getting a job for. The CEO of the bank is Robert Lynn Hall and the president is David Cook. Some of the excellent loan officers are Sandy Bruns, Dennis Tate, Sue Eudy, and the executive vice president Sandy Bruns.
One other thing that I think that has helped my human capital is going to church and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. First and foremost because I have faith in God and he has helped me to pick the right colleges and have the right jobs that he knows will help me in the future. Also I think that knowing different people in my church helped me to because it was really easy to get my job at IGA because I went to church with Tony Breeden early in life. I have faith also that in the future people I know at church will help me to get a job.
What I plan to do in the future to develop my human capital is to maybe get a low end accounting job that plays relatively well and work my way up the ladder in hopes of getting a bigger accounting position that I am satisfied with. The low-end job will help me get acquainted with the organization and to get to know the people. It will also let the top people know that I am capable of doing this type of work.
In the end I have done a lot to improve my human capital. I went all the way through high school and finished with a relatively high GPA. I then helped my self by applying for college and getting a college that is well renowned all over the country because it is a work study college. The places I worked helped me to have a good work ethic. I also helped my self by getting a job to begin with at sixteen and to stick with it long enough that I could get the chance of getting a bigger and better job that the surrounding were much more pleasant to be around and that paid just the same. I also know that I will pursue to get a job in the future because I have not gone to college in vain.
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