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Investigation Of The Internal Affairs Division Essay examples

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When an officer acts irresponsibly or violates policy, what happens to them? Who conducts these investigations? Are these officers held accountable and if so, how? Yes, police officers are to uphold the law and policies of the department and the internal affairs division takes care of these cases. If officers are reported to have committed any criminal acts, then an investigation ensues in the internal affairs division. Investigators who work in the internal affairs division are required to investigate any suspected wrongdoing within the department. (Dempsey, Frost, & Carter, 2014) states that these cases are “the most important cases to eliminate”, however, that can only take place if those involved can make admissions that these corruption cases are an issue (p.247). They will need documentation of any these cases as well as to examine any information pertaining to the misconduct recounted. These actions will guarantee that the internal affairs investigators maintain the department’s integrity as a whole.
What is the internal affairs division and how do they handle misconduct and corruption? The part of the unit known as the internal affairs department is under the inspection unit section. The main job of an internal affairs investigator entails keeping a close eye on department’s policies and procedures by conducting “internal quality control inspections” (Dempsey, Frost, & Carter, 2014) (p. 99). Other duties that one must consider when working in this area of the unit according to (Dempsey, Frost, & Carter, 2014) is to focus on suspected “misconduct and corruption of other officers” (p. 99). They must ensure that all employees within the department are adhering to the rules and conducting themselves in the manner that the sys...

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..., the agency will be able to prevent unwanted behavior by making sure newly hired employees are aware of what is expected of them and the proper way to conduct themselves. Training is another preventive measure that can ensure employees are following regulations. It is necessary to continue training if and when protocols are altered or updated. One example of a way to check that new hires understand the rules is through role-playing.
In my conclusion, the internal affairs division is a necessary part of any police department because it helps maintain the integrity of the department. The internal affairs division helps hold officers accountable for their actions by implementing the standards and improving those already in place. It is possible of departments to see a better future with more officers trying to follow directives even when it is tempting not to do so.

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