Investigation Of Investigation For A Criminal Case Essay

Investigation Of Investigation For A Criminal Case Essay

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To begin with lets start off with what an investigation is, an investigation is “An investigation is the process of planning and conducting appropriate lines of inquiry to obtain the evidence required to objectively determine the factual basis of allegations.” According to the United Nations Development Programme Office of Audit and Investigations. And a Preliminary investigation is limited scope inquiry undertaken to verify whether an allegation merits a full investigation. As a first responder on a scene he will conduct a preliminary investigation that will in the end help solve the crime. The officer needs to take note of all things and question witness, victims and even possible suspects.
Now there are many sets of guidelines that need to be taken to conduct a preliminary investigation for a criminal case. You need to interview people who would be relavent to the crime at the moment and you need to record their testimonies because that can be taken to court as evidence later and you can also listen back to it to look for closer clues and evidence. You also need to go amd search the scene for any pieces of evidence because things like bullet casing will be crucial to solving a murder crime or thigs like a blood or a hair follicle can really help solve a crime. After that you need to make sure that you have all your evidence bagged up and also have everything documented so that when other officers or your boss goes over your work they will be able to easily go through what you have done and what you may have done wrong.

2. Propose one strategy that criminal investigators should take in order to conduct an efficient follow up investigation. Provide rational reasoning to support your answer.

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... You also need to be strong minded as a criminal justice investigator. Even though you should be very strong minded doesn’t mean that you should not be open to new ideas and concepts. But you cant let any body push you around and tell you that certain things are true because criminals will try to lie to you when you ask them questions. Reasoning because they do not want to be caught in their lie.

5.Support or Critique the argument that criminal investigation process should maintain the balance regarding freedom of information through media outlets and privacy rights of alleged perpetrators of crime.

The freedom of information should defiantly be kept to a minimum because people are beginning to find out newer ways of how to endanger people. And also for confidentiality reasons peoples business should not be out and about in the media.

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