Investigation Into Effective Employee Termination Essay

Investigation Into Effective Employee Termination Essay

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Investigation Into Effective Employee Termination
In management, effective leadership involves the daily responsibilities of monitoring employee productivity, dealing with customers and handling the technical aspects of business. Being a manager can be fun, rewarding and socially interesting. A good manager is positive and provides support and motivation for employees. However, one of the responsibilities of a manager, along with hiring, is firing. It is commonly accepted that “employment termination is usually excruciating for everyone involved” (Zins). However, by using a structured method this process can go smoothly and with as little stress as possible.
Whatever the reason, termination meetings can be very difficult for managers. So like any challenge, this is the time to be organized, professional and efficient. First, managers must do their homework and be prepared with a structured plan. The termination must be documented, legal and reasonable. Managers are responsible for making sure terminations do not violate employee contracts. It is also essential to determine the effective date of the termination and make sure there are no issues relating to sex, age or racial discrimination which may cause potential legal problems. Terminations create more lawsuits than any other workplace activity. If you have a legal department or human resource manager, this is the time to get them involved in this process. Once you have determined that a termination is necessary and legal, prepare a formal termination letter, and include the date of termination. Include the reasons for the firing and define the specific details of the reason. For example, refer to a recent job evaluation.

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... managers can control the process and make it as positive as possible. The employee will recover more quickly and move on and remaining employees will respect you for being compassionate and professional.

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