Essay on Investigating The Ph Levels Of The Water

Essay on Investigating The Ph Levels Of The Water

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So many different things get put into the lakes and rivers. Sometimes they are good, bad, or maybe even both. Some chemicals could be good for animals and bad for plants. If just depends all on the levels of the chemicals going in the water. It also depends on temperature of the water, how big the lake is, and the depth of the lake and etc. In this lab we will be looking at the pH, nitrate, dissolved oxygen, and phosphorus in the water around this area.
In any freshwater lakes or ponds, they have a 6 to 9 pH level (“PH of Water”). The neutral pH level is 7, below 7 is acidic and above 7 is basic. It really depends on what types of fish are in the lake. If you have coral reefs the pH levels need to be higher then 7.6 because if the level gets any lower the reefs would start to fall (“PH of Water”). The highest the pH level should be in the water be is about 8.5 or safety, It’s normally bad when the pH level falls below 5. When it falls below 5 fish schools start disappearing and species like plankton will start to invade. If the pH falls down to 4.5, the water is terrible for the fish. The reason being so it aluminum ions attached to minerals in the nearby soil can be released in the lakes and that will kill a lot of fish. It would clog their gills and make them get stressed out. If the water pH level is to high it normally causes death, damage to the outer skin, and eyes (“water treatment solution”). The way the pH level gets so low is by unpolluted deposition or rain. The rain almost anywhere has a pH level lower then 5.6. The acid rain is the number one reason how the lakes pH changes. Limestone, which is in the soil, can neutralize the water (“water treatment solution”). An expected level for pH is 6.5 to 9.0 ("LCRA”).

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...LCRA”). The different types of level vary. It all depends on the fresh water, salt water, temperature, season, and etc. If the temperature and the altitudes are high, then the dissolved oxygen will be low (“Definition of Water Quality Parameters”). Fresh water and salt water are different, sometime freshwater can handle a higher level of something else than salt water (“Dissolved Oxygen - Environmental Measurement Systems”). The different levels are 0-2mg/L, not enough to support any life; 2-4mg/L, only a few fish and the aquatic insects live; 4-7mg/L, good for most fish (besides cold water fish); and 7-11mg/L, pretty great for all stream fish (“Definition of Water Quality Parameters”). The expected level of dissolved oxygen is 4.0 to 12mg/L ("LCRA”).
So many more different things in the water but these four chemicals help plants or animals, one way or another.

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