Investigating Sampling Biological Populations? Essay

Investigating Sampling Biological Populations? Essay

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Investigating sampling biological populations

One technique which can be used to sample biological populations is the use of quadrats. A quadrat is a small plot of land which is used to mark off an area in order to sample a population within that area. There are a few types of quadrats which can be used when you want to sample populations in a habitat. Two types are a wire quadrat and a point quadrat. A frame quadrat is usually just a square frame, but it can be other shapes as well such as rectangular, with a grid of wire inside. This grid of wire can be used to sample smaller areas within that plot. Another type of quadrat which can be used is a point quadrat. A point quadrat is a metal rod with metal points coming out of it which go into the ground. However the frame quadrat tends to be easier to use than the point quadrat.
When you use quadrats for sampling populations it is best to use random sampling. Ways in which you can carry out random sampling is by using a random number generator. You could cordon off the area which you would like to sample and separate it into sections, and number each section. The random number generator will choose which section you should take a sample from. When you are taking a sample you should place the quadrat in that particular section and record the number of each species of plants or animals inside of the quadrat. You will repeat this process until you have gathered and recorded all of the samples you wanted to record.
In order for the results to be unbiased you should use random sampling. This will help to ensure that the results are not bias as the investigator would not be the one choosing where to place the quadrat, so...

... middle of paper ... as random sampling to prevent this from happening.
Quadrats cannot be used to measure human populations as humans are mobile and quadrats cannot be used to record data from moving animals, unless they are slow moving animals. Therefore you would need to use a technique which can sample mobile animals and animals which are quite large, as quadrats are more suitable for small animals such as insects.

Mark, release and recapture
Mark, release and recapture is a method used to sample populations of mobile animals such as lions. The technique involves going to the area which you would like to take samples from and capturing a certain number of animals. The number of animals which you would like to sample can be chosen, but a larger sample size would help to ensure that the estimate is more accurate as you would have more data to use in the calculations.

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