Investigating Ethical Issues from a Philosophical and Religious Perspective: Animal Experimentation

Investigating Ethical Issues from a Philosophical and Religious Perspective: Animal Experimentation

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parts of an animal’s body, sometimes the entire body, to conduct experiments about stress. Other of the many destructive procedures include electrocution, tail suspension and drowning. (Office of Animal Care and Use, 2005) Not all of these animals die due to the causes of only one experiment however, these animals are kept in captivity and are continually tested on until they unfortunately meet their untimely deaths. It is due evidences such as these, that animal experimentation for medical research can be seen as productive for human or harmful to the lives of innocent animals.
In a recent case study named, “Researchers Urged Not to Inject Virulent HIV Strain Into Chimps,” a group of primatologists, AIDS researchers and animal conservationists, strongly advise vaccine developers to immediately stop injecting chimpanzees with HIV. (J.Cohen) This study is an example of how animal experimentation is harmful for animals undeterred by the fact that research testing is being preformed to find a solution that will help fight against the deathly AIDS disease. John Cohen states the injections of HIV in the chimps cause “AID-like symptoms,” to which their bodies react in similar ways as humans do with the HIV virus or AIDS disease. As a result of the tests, it is noted that the chimps will die shortly after being injected (within four years). No progress was made during this experiment however, a new strain has infected the chimpanzees making causing death. It is in cases such as these where morality is questioned. Are these experiments, that infect and kill chimps, worth the risk and time when no new information is found? The lives of the chimps who have died could have been spared if the experiment was not conducted....

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