Investigating Drugs

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Investigating Drugs

What is a drug ?

A drug is any substance that can be used to treat an illness, relieve
a symptom, or modify a chemical process or processes in the body. The
word "drug" is etymologically derived from the Dutch/Low German word
"droog", which means "dry", since in the past, most drugs were dried
plant parts.

Name 2 useful drugs.

* Quinacrine (no evidence of its action in vivo)

* Amphotericin B

Five harmful drugs.

* Alcohol

* Nicotine

* Heroin

* Weed

* tobacco.

Two special drugs.

* Alcohol

* Tobacco

Effects of chewing tobacco:-

Smokeless Tobacco Facts from the American Cancer Society (ACS)

* All tobacco can cause cancer.

* People who use smokeless tobacco are several times more likely to
be at risk for oral cancer than people who don't use tobacco.

* Increased heart rate, blood pressure, and blood levels of nicotine
of smokeless tobacco users are similar to those of cigarette

* After only a few years of smokeless tobacco use, a permanent sore
can develop in the mouth.

* The nicotine in smokeless tobacco has addictive properties, and
can cause chemical dependence.

* Other results of smokeless tobacco use are gingivitis, gingival
recession, tooth loss, and mucosal changes.

* Deleterious in utero effects may be caused by the use of smokeless
tobacco. Heavy metals, like lead and cadmium, are found in the
blood stream of users at levels that can be harmful to a fetus.

* Tumor-initiating properties, the carcinogenic nitrosamines NNN and
NNK, are prevalent in unburned tobacco.

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Snuff has as much as 135
mg/kg of NNN and 14 mg/kg of NNK

Bad effects of drugs on society:-

Suspension of Your Drivers License

One of the penalties for conviction of driving under the influence is
the suspension of one's driver's license. In Washington state, this
is automatic and is actually imposed by the Department of Licensing
(DOL) in Olympia, our capitol. Suspension periods usually start at 90
days and increase to a year with repeated offenses.

In Washington, driver's licenses can also be suspended for other
causes at court request, such as for failure to pay parking fines or
child support. Reinstatement requires demonstration of financial

However, when suspension is for drunk driving, the DOL will also
request that the offender go to a state licensed chemical dependency
treatment provider facility for an alcohol assessment. The findings
or diagnosis will determine what chemical dependency treatment the
offender must undergo to regain his license.

DUI offenders who are assessed as alcoholics or addicts will be
required to complete a two year outpatient chemical dependency
treatment program at a state approved facility. When the suspension
period is up and the offenders present evidence that s/he has
completed at least their first 60 days of treatment, they are eligible
to receive a provisional drivers license and can retain it and
continue to drive legally so long as they remain sober and
successfully continue in treatment.

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