The Inverted Pyramid And The Wall Street Journal Formula Essay

The Inverted Pyramid And The Wall Street Journal Formula Essay

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Throughout the semester, Journalism has taught me various techniques in which have benefitted my writing as a whole. These techniques have taught me how to shape my papers/articles in a more organized manner while managing to state all of my points/ opinions on the certain topics I’m talking about. On top of that, learning how to structure my writing properly has changed my writing for the better. From learning so many techniques, it made me look at the way news is announced differently as well. Although it is asked to discuss what was most valuable to our learning, I have two techniques in which have been very valuable to me throughout the transition of learning how to properly write articles. These two techniques are the Inverted Pyramid and The Wall Street Journal Formula.
Out of all of the beneficial tips and techniques learned throughout this class, one of the most valuable to my learning would be learning about the Inverted Pyramid. At first, when it came to writing I was unfamiliar with the technique and was just writing papers based off of the prior knowledge I had from writing in high school. But once we were expected to structure our articles in this manner, I read more about it and understood why it was such a significant technique used for hard news stories. The Inverted Pyramid is structured with the most important information at the top or beginning of the story, and then is followed by supporting points in the descending order of importance. Usually when using this technique, it starts off with a summary lead which provides the basics such as who, what, where, when and why. After the basics comes what is called the “backup” which consists of quotes or facts to back up the statements being spoken about in the article...

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...g from this class, there were many other techniques and tips to which helped me understand the different methods of writing as a whole. From obtaining all of this beneficial information, I do look at the news today differently because a reader/person can never completely trust everything that they are reading. Many journalists write articles based off of their own opinions in which others might not agree with or might just look at differently. But now learning techniques like the ones I spoke about before, it gives me the advantage to look for all of those factors when reading someone else’s paper as well as using all of those factors in my writing so I know I am covering all of the points needed to write a proper and factual article. I enjoyed the discussion questions we received throughout the semester as well and enjoyed the interaction between our peers as well.

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