Inventory Management : Meals On Wheels Follows A Food Service System Essay

Inventory Management : Meals On Wheels Follows A Food Service System Essay

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Inventory Management
Meals on Wheels follows a food service system which involves: purchasing food ingredients to the production facility, preparing the recipes, making the recipes, storing of chilled and frozen products, and then sending the meals out to be delivered. This means that the planning process is one of the most crucial steps when obtaining materials. The production planning team is responsible for estimating demands, as they are constantly viewing how many clients need what food, during which days (Forster, 2016). The production team is in constant communication with the chefs and dietitians to determine the exact amount of materials coming in (Forster, 2016). Usually, the production team is responsible for orders of 2 sets of food, dry and wet (Forster, 2016). Wet materials are the materials that have short expiry time, whereas dry materials have long expiry time. Wet foods consist of materials such as chicken, vegetables and other meats. Dry materials are items such as ketchup, sugar, and salt. The team is in constant communication with the accounting division to determine the cost and price limit, before items are delivered (Forster, 2016). Meals on Wheels operates on a Just-In-Time ordering system (Forster, 2016). This means that they order certain raw materials and put certain meals together after orders have been received. For example, Karen and her production team will order materials based on demand forecasted techniques (Forster, 2016). These demand forecasted techniques are usually based on historical data and are recorded in the company database as a reference for future needs. These intrinsic forecasting techniques look at the notion that “what will happen in the past will happen in the future”. An example...

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...aterials (Forster, 2016).

Cooking is usually done in 2 categories, make to stock and make to order (Forster, 2016). Make to stock focuses on the frozen meals, that can be frozen and then sent out whenever a customer requests them. Make to order looks at demand focused meals, that are made hours before they are needed at client’s homes. Working ahead is usually done for weekends and holidays, as unexpected peaks of demand can be received during this time (Forster, 2016). The materials are taken out on a first in first out basis, as the materials that arrive in inventory first, are the ones used in meals (Forster, 2016). This looks at keeping foods fresh and perishable to ensure the best quality. Their equipment and technology allows for them to build hundreds of meals at the same time. For example, their kettles can produce 6000 cups of soup at once (Forster, 2016).

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