The Invention Of Time Travel Essay

The Invention Of Time Travel Essay

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Time Travel has always struck close to the imagination of the minds. From H.G. Wells ' "The Time Machine" to blockbuster films like "Back to the Future" - for years, time travel was the stuff of science fiction and crazy-eyed mad men but as physicists approach the subject of time travel with new advances in scientific theories and equipment, the possibility of time travel has become a more legitimate field for scientific endeavours. This paper will argue the possibility of time travel and the positive effects that this discovery will bring forth to modern day society: technological advancements.

The scientific definition of time is a measurement of progress that is relative to an individual’s perception of events (, 2010). A psychological study proves that these viewpoints are verifiable by experiments. An example would be a male checking out a hot girl for hours and have it feel like seconds versus if he were to sit on a stove for seconds only to have it feel like hours. The time difference in these perceptions are known as the kappa effect whereby the time intervals between visual events are perceived as longer or shorter depending on the relative position of the subject to the occurrence. The viewpoint of time intervals appears to be directly affected by the perception of spatial intervals (Poidevin, 2015).

The theory of various time perceptions from person to person means that an individual’s perception and the reality of time they are actually experiencing is not the same. The idea of time travel is to make these two timelines identical in length. By creating a temporal illusion around an individual’s surroundings, the human mind can be tricked into thinking that the duration they are actually experie...

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...ld negatively affect the timeline of the world (Vaidman, 2014). This is also known as the Grandfather Paradox in which an example is given: an individual makes the mistake of shooting their grandfather thus they cease to exist since their father never would have been born.

Although there are various approaches to the topic of time travel, certain circumstances such as the lack of technology prevent the actual scientific theories to transcend beyond just being ideas. However, despite the facts that time travel has failed repeatedly over the years, it does not come without benefits as society has gained different mediums such as parallel programming and computer designing to advance life in the human world as well as evolving theories of mathematics and physics. Thus, it is safe to say that time travel will eventually prevail in the far maybe-not-so-distant future.

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