Essay on The Invention Of The Light Bulb

Essay on The Invention Of The Light Bulb

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Light. It is such an important part of peoples everyday lives. In modern day especially, artificial lighting and energy is the basis of living. It is relied on it so heavily and many do not even think about how it works or how it came to be. It all started with the invention of the light bulb. The invention of the light bulb can be considered to be the starting point to technological advances in lighting and other technological discoveries and inventions.
Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Edison was not the sole genius behind the incandescent light bulb. Thomas Edison’s light bulb was first demonstrated at the end of 1879 but its’ development can be dated back to the beginning of the 1800s. It took many years and several different scientists and inventors to create this masterpiece. In 1802, inventor Humphry Davy made the first incandescent light. Davy did this by passing the current of an extremely powerful electrical battery through a strip of platinum that was very this. It was not very effective and did not work well enough; however it was the starting point of the technological advances of lighting.
After Humphry Davy’s invention, a flood of scientists and inventors worked very hard on perfecting the incandescent light bulb. One of these scientists was Alexander Lodygin, who produced an incandescent light bulb in 1872 using two carbon rods filled with nitrogen as a burner. It was made so that when the current in the first rod was absorbed, the current would be passed to the second rod. Henry Woodward and Mathew Evans, who constructed a lamp with a light bulb that had carbon rods placed in a nitrogen-filled cylinder made of glass, were a pair who worked extremely hard. They filed for a patent, but then unsuccessful in sel...

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...r bluer color. When the color temperature drops, the color becomes richer in an orange-red color. Different degrees create different types of atmospheres and moods. For example, the lighting in households, a low color temperature can create a warm atmosphere and a comfortable, relaxing mood while a high color temperature can create a daylight atmosphere and a crisp, energetic mood. In theater, the lighting drastically effects the atmosphere and mood of the show. Because different lights have different color temperatures, gels can be used to fix and/or create colors that will add to the mood of the show. The gels can create a dramatic effect and make the stage’s coloring look different- a light and happy color and mood, or a dark, serious color and mood.
The invention of the lightbulb has made a huge impact on society. Without it, we would not be where we are today.

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