The Invention Of The Gps Essay

The Invention Of The Gps Essay

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There have been many inventions throughout history and some of them have been a lot more helpful than others. The GPS, the Pacemaker, and the cell phone are all very important innovations made to the new world. Without these modern day inventions a lot of thing and the way we interact would be different
The invention of the GPS started with Dr. Ivan Getting leaving his position at Raytheon Company, and armed with the knowledge of what was at the time the most advanced navigational technology in the world, they began developing the Global Positioning System. He, Roger L. Easton, and Bradford Parkison began in the 60’s with a constellation of 24 satellites (placed in six orbital planes) orbiting the earth at a very high altitude (about 10,900 miles)(The evolution of the GPS). Each plane is inclined 55 degrees relative to the equator. The satellites complete an orbit in approximately 12 hours. The fact that Easton is the inventor and principal designer of the Navy Space Surveillance System has already been recognized by NRL. In 1960, he was given the Navy Distinguished Civilian Service Award. The citation reads "For his exceptional leadership and scientific ingenuity which have led to the successful development of the Navy 's Space Surveillance System. It was intended for Air force and military but it was obvious it was a very good idea. It was time for a some type of navigation system because people were getting lost on the daily and people in the air could not find where they were going. So the government funded a organization that was dedicated to make travel faster and easier they ended up coming out with a prototype that mostly went into airplanes. The design worked so well that after awhile the government decided that...

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...t though the theory was sound, the technology to make it happen was lacking. It would take more than 10 years for the next development.
There have been many inventions throughout history but these have been very beneficial to many people and the world would be different without them. Without the cell phone; mail and letters is all we would have. The G.P.S not being invented would mean we wouldn 't have any idea where we were without latitude and longitude but even knowing that there would be no general idea of where you would need to be going and would no longer know where to go; it would be back to maps. There would be many more deaths if the pacemaker had not been invented it was a very helpful addition to modern medicine only it was a small machine in your body that helps you have a regular heartbeat and it helps it beat strong and for a long time.

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