The Invention Of The Glorious Revolution Essay

The Invention Of The Glorious Revolution Essay

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John Beckett mentions that the Glorious Revolution has been considered a historical event related to the political issues. The main target of this historical event was to create a commercial freedom in Europe. After this revolution was done, trade relations in Europe went up, and the Bill of Rights was also created in 1689. Today, the Bill of Rights is shown and known that it was the first building stone for the British constitution because it limited the monarchic power. During the eighteenth century, the period of the Age of Enlightenment is considered between 1713 and 1789 because Anthony Pagden states that Europe was like a republic of states, and it was like a union acting together and talking with one voice. The Age of Enlightenment was totally an act of improvement in trade, preventing and thwarting the religion related wars, and the monarchic rules. E. P. Thompson mentions that “the first industrial revolution” occurred in England, and he mentions that there were not many modern goods, but there was only a clock making industry. The discoveries of new places, peoples and goods also brought the Agricultural Revolution, financial improvement, and the Enlightenment and the scientific progress, and all of these new findings and innovations triggered the Industrial Revolution in England. Hence, the Glorious Revolution, the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution should be considered as the first historical roots of the European Union because these three historical events focused on commercial revolution, trade, peace and harmony, making people participate in elections, freedom of speech, industrial innovations, science, scientific innovations, planting the seeds of the diversity in Europe, and a regime close to ...

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...on and the Age of Enlightenment directly triggered an industrial revolution in England because the discoveries introduced Europe many foods, plants, ores, peoples, social culture, and customs. The Glorious Revolution instilled in the European states how to trade regionally and globally, and the Age of Enlightenment instilled in the European scientists improving technology and focusing on innovations. A large number of labor got involved in the industrial sector, and made large-scale production easier than as it was, and so it reduced the prices, too. E. P. Thompson states that Europe had a large number of watches and clocks around by 1800. One of the aims of the European Union is to improve the employment rate, and so the Industrial Revolution may be a root of the European Union because it had the same purpose that it was to raise the rate of employment in Europe.

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