Essay on The Invention Of The American Revolution

Essay on The Invention Of The American Revolution

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Education is the passage of knowledge from one generation to the next, and educators have passed on their knowledge since the dawn of man. Educators transmit a vast amount of information, from the harnessing of fire and the creation narrative of some culture to the invention of the printing press and the history of the American Revolution. As the size of this information grew from generation to generation, educators sought to incorporate technology to simplify the process of learning without harming the component of critical thought. Writing was one such invention, and though it persevered through much of history, some educators argued against its implementation. Plato, for instance, believes that writing is not “of any use except to remind him who knows the matter about which they are written” (Plato 275d). Despite Plato’s objections, writing became a standard part of learning. Now, educators seek to incorporate the computer into the classroom, and there are some objectors. For instance, an article published in Slate claims that the pairing of computers and learning leads to students retaining less information (Paul); incidentally, Plato also argued that the incorporation of writing and learning leads to poor memories on the part of students. However, just as writing became a standard despite Plato’s objections, schools are incorporating computers into the classroom. In 1997, there was an average of 10 students per computer (ETS), and since then that number has decreased to 3.1 in 2008 (NCES), suggesting that there are more computers in the classroom. Rather than argue for or against computers, it is much more fruitful to discuss which computer, or rather operating system, to implement. Due to its cost, dependencies, philosophy,...

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... as Joel Spolsky remarks, “in the Windows culture, you 're programming for Aunt Marge” (Spolsky). Spolsky implies that Windows is designed towards common people who have no desire to learn, they just want a functioning product. Even though a functioning product appears benign and harmless to education, it leaves the desire for more; it does little to enhance learning; instead, it encourages users not to learn because the job is done for them. All the other tools utilized in schools enhance learning, such as the pen and the calculator. By learning to write, students will be able to keep notes for further study, as well as learn to read at the same time so that they can learn about a given subject from as many sources as possible. Calculators simplify arithmetic, and educators do not introduce students to them until after the students learn the processes of arithmetic.

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