The Invention of Television, Super Glue and Frisbee Essay

The Invention of Television, Super Glue and Frisbee Essay

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The beginning of TV can be tracked back to the discovery of photoconductivity back in 1873 by Willoughby Smith. TV was invented in the mid 1920’s by a Scottish inventor name John Logie Baird in London. Baird patented technology by using arrays of transparent rods to transmit images to be delivered to a television set. The first picture of moving object was transmitted by Baird in 1924, televised human face in 1925, and last but not least the first real – time moving object in 1926. The first color broadcasting was arrived in United States in 1953 and the first color commercial was televised in 1954 and soon television became the leading source for national advertising. Television was first demonstrated in 1939 at New York World’s Fair and San Francisco Golden International Exposition. At World’s Fair that year RCA’s David Sarnoff showed the first televised Presidential Speech by FDR with his new line of television receivers.
Before 1940’s the lack of technology made the usage of television very difficult. The condition the actor have to meet or go through to be seen on TV was almost impossible, the camera back then did not work very well with the color white so the actor would have to wear black lip stick and green make up. Also with the heavy make ups on the actors would have to film under extremely hot light so adjust to the camera. Later on as our technology was on the rise the development of TV stop because of World War 2, since all the effort and resources was all going into the war to bring back the victory. It wasn’t until the early 50’s color TV started mass producing. And since at that time TV was so new to the market their target market was pretty much everyone or anyone that can afford a TV set at that time. ...

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...surface of the Frisbee to stabilize the flight of the Frisbee and then market Frisbee playing as a new sport. By doing that and saying Frisbee is now a sport Wham-O sold over 100 million units of Frisbee by 1977.
After deciding Frisbee to be a sport, two popular sport was invented. Ultimate Frisbee is invented by the high school students in Maplewood which is a sport that is a cross between football, soccer, and basketball in 1967. After a year another sport is invented due to Frisbee and it was invented by Headrick himself called Frisbee Golf. It is played by tossing a heavier weighted Frisbee into a metal basket and there is now hundreds of Frisbee golfing course in America. Frisbee isn’t just played by human but also animals. Many family with dogs would play fetch with them with frisbee and frisbee became of those toys that we see everywhere and at every park.

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