The Invention of Prosthetic Limbs Essay

The Invention of Prosthetic Limbs Essay

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Since the invention of Prosthetic Limbs, many people are able to re-cooperate through their life again. People with artificial replacements are given hope and a second chance by allowing them to use their new prosthetic body part at life. The main goal of rehabilitation with prosthetic limbs is the successful fitting and use of the artificial limb. With a prosthetic limb people will be able to improve their independence and not rely on others for care since they will be able to move or grab objects to preform basic self-care. Prosthetic limbs also improve the value of life and may allow the person to contend for jobs or allow them to go out in the park to enjoy the day.
People have had prosthetic limbs since the beginning of time and mostly they were cheap wooden or homemade prosthetics that were quickly put together, but now with medical technology advancing prosthetic limbs can now be modified to be just like real arms, hands, legs, or even feet. Some of the earliest records of Prosthetic limbs being used can be dated back to the years 3500 to 1800BC. The earliest written evidence is said to be the Rig Veda which is an ancient poem from India written in the year 3500BC. Thurston states that this poem from India tells a story of a Warrior-Queen Vishpla who lost her leg in a fierce battle and was given a prosthesis fabricated in iron to allow her to return to battle (1014). A.J. Thurston also reports that there are many cases of prosthetic limb replacements throughout early history. Major ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome are creditably for making the first true rehabilitation aids that can be known as prostheses. Thurston explains that in 218 BC the Roman General Marcus Sergius was wounded in battle and had his right...

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... can say that it helped them out tremendously and are very thankful for the procedures doctors do now these days to make sure everyone can enjoy their life more.

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