Essay on The Invention Of Plastic Surgery

Essay on The Invention Of Plastic Surgery

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The invention of Plastic Surgery was very significant to today’s society. Plastic surgery has slowly been more and more common over the years for using them as personal cosmetic reasons. Plastic surgery has changed the world for the better but has its disadvantages. It has a very big history From the time of Sushruta Samhita the “first plastic Surgeon” dated back to 600BC. This essay will examine and describe the key information you need to know about the invention of plastic surgery.
Plastic surgery is, “The process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body by removal or transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons”. There are many famous plastic surgeons dated back to before Christ, however Sushruta was considered “the father of plastic surgery” and was most successful during this time, he is responsible for the advancement of medicine in ancient India. This massive historical advancement happened sometime between 1000 and 600BC. Sushruta practiced and invented many things, such as using cheek flaps to reconstruct absent ear lobes, the use of wine as anaesthesia and the use of leeches to keep wounds free of blood clots. A lot of these inventions were used after or during the procedure of plastic surgery. The most common technique this man invented was the rhinoplasty, which is to take a full thick piece of skin from the forehead and used to reconstruct a nose, patients in need of that procedure generally included those who had lost their noses as punishment for theft or adultery. Plastic surgery was the greatest inventions during this time and has a very big history concerning how it came about and what life was like before.
Plastic surgery was well known in 2000BC in India, Egypt and E...

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...2014. There are several types of plastic surgeons, for example maxillofacial specialist, this is someone that focus on the mouth, nose and ears. We have developed new treatments and procedures with less healing process and scaring. Plastic surgery will continue to change in the future, plastic surgeon will continue to invent new producers and treatments.
In conclusion plastic surgery is a significant procedure and treatment for injured people, people with disabilities or just for personal reasons. Plastic surgery has been around for centuries, from the time of the first plastic surgeon Sushruta in 600BC till 2016. Plastic surgery has developed majorly and will continue to develop more. In my opinion plastic surgery is one of the greatest medical invention, however it has changed the view on the natural human body and today’s society would not be the same without.

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