The Invention of Plastic and Its Effects on Practically Everything Essay

The Invention of Plastic and Its Effects on Practically Everything Essay

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Plastics are one of the most used materials on a volume basis in U.S. industrial and commercial use. Plastics are commonly into today’s lifestyle and make a major contribution to virtually all product areas. Although the plastics industry in the United States is now in its second century, the most important developments have occurred since 1910. The roots of these modern developments go back not only to the research of cellulose nitrate by John Wesley Hyatt in the 1860s, but also to the plastic-like compositions used by man through the centuries. Humans probably don’t realize how often we use plastics or use something that has plastic particles. From the bristles on our toothbrushes, to bulletproof vest, to fibers that help in the making textile clothes. As you can see plastics keep us clean, keep us safe, and keep us clothed. Plastics are a human’s most durable, colorful, best friend.
Before plastic was discovered many people would buy things by weight amount which we still do today. Items weighed a lot more because they lacked the fillers that plastic contains. Another way society was different was that many airplanes and automobiles weighed a lot more because certain parts that would be made out of plastic in this day and age were heavier. Since planes were heavier they held less stuff, which caused more trips to be taken, which then caused more energy to be used that was unnecessary and more carbon dioxide was emitted. Also talking about an important aspect of health, preserving food, meat markets for example would wrap their meat in paper. Once wrapped in paper it would spoil faster and cause infections in the meat. The type of plastic used for packaging now is Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) (Saran). (Wikipedia). Lastly s...

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...ns. Plastics help in many ways. They hold the liquids we drink out of, the containers we use for storage, the hangers we put our clothes on, parts in cars, and everything in between. I do not support pollution but I support recycling. I don’t support pollution because like I stated in the paragraph above, when people throw plastics out the window it endangers animals and causes death among the raises of the different species. The moment a plastic Kroger bag is thrown out the window of a car a bird picks it up and flies with it, then there is a possibility that it could get wrapped around its neck and the bird is strangled and now dead. I do support recycling because it is a better way to save energy and take care of waste in a safer way. Recycling compacts what would be a huge mound of trash into a small compactable reusable substance. Also it saves time and energy.

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