The Invention Of Genetics And Biotechnology Essay

The Invention Of Genetics And Biotechnology Essay

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As the growing world develops, so does the scientific knowledge and the discoveries that occur. However, only until recently in the world’s history has the innovation and advancement of genetics and biotechnology really taken off in an exponential manner. The history of genetics was established in 1866 with Gregor Mendel’s work and “rediscovered” in 1900. Even more recently was the coining of the term biotechnology science as known today in 1919 as well as its continual expansion in the 20th and 21st centuries. Despite the beliefs and scientific evidence that support the advocations of scientists saying that biotechnology has been around for hundreds of years, the level of biotechnology that rapidly continues to expand today is like no other science before. The depths that scientists have gone with these profound branches of science continue to expand and add to many different fields of work. This includes medical fields, agriculture related fields, and industrious organizations. In result, genetics, genetic manipulation, DNA technology, and biotechnology applications have helped to further develop our world of scientific advancements while receiving much support as well as public concerns.
One of the first topics relating to genetic manipulations is cloning. The basic goal of cloning is to discover and understand the functions of specific DNA sequences and the proteins these sequences encode. One of the starting points for DNA cloning is libraries including genomic libraries and the more specific cDNA libraries. Genomic libraries are collections of DNA fragments that together comprise the genome of an organism while cDNA libraries are defined as a collection of complementary DNA strands derived from mRNAs of a particular tissue...

... middle of paper ... RNAi shows great progress towards possible treatments for colorectal carcinoma.
A new technology that is currently in constant use for different medical research is DNA microarray technology. This technology is used to tell if an organism has any mutation in a particular gene. Therefore, microarrays can be used to examine patterns of gene expression. Scientists are using the technology to test people to see if they have any particular gene sequences that have been proven to cause a mutation that leads to a disease. Another use for the technology is determining what types of drugs and medications are the best to prescribe to patients. This is due to the fact that genes play a role in how our body responds to the chemicals from different medications . DNA Microarray technology is fairly new, but is already leading to new genetic innovations at an exponential rate.

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