The Invention Of Containers By Malcolm Mclean Essay

The Invention Of Containers By Malcolm Mclean Essay

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Many people are strongly in favor of technological progress, to a fault the we sometimes forget to consider its repercussions. In class, we discussed about the benefits of technological progress then asked who are for free trade. Free trade can be understood as part of technological progress because the latter gives us easier access to free markets, it opens new horizons never considered before. As technology improves so does the way we conduct trade. The invention of containers by Malcolm McLean for example, revolutionized transport and international trade, which without, countries would be forced to exert more efforts and expenses than necessary.
Moreover, free trade is inevitable. With the trend we are seeing now, neighboring countries forming regional free trade sphere, and gradually including other farther countries (e.g. TPP), whether we like it or not, free trade will knock on our doors and we have no choice but to welcome it, else, suffer the consequences. Being slow or stagnant development, deteriorating economy and so much more. The world will continue progressing while you, as an outsider would be nothing but an observer to dramatically shifting world economy. In addition, it is safe to say that genuine, authentic economists are all for free-trade. Unlike most of us who tend to use our emotions in judging ideas, economists only view statistics from countless of documents and data presented to them. They infer that free trade would eventually and will always better the country that actively engages in it. David Ricardo argues that specialization in trade would benefit everyone. It’d allow countries who are good at one thing to focus all their efforts in producing the product so other countries can also specialize in som...

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...d Republican for the first time since 1988). Still, it can’t be denied that more people would lose their jobs (internationally) especially today, where most corporations are interconnected.
In order for free trade to flourish, the economic environment had to be predictable. We see how some find technological progress a bit of a transgression to their way of life because it makes us feel powerless to not be able to dictate our lives direction (highly technical jobs that untrained/ uneducated factory workers can’t utilize that results to unemployment). Like trade, technological progress becomes an issue when we start perceiving the idea from a moral standpoint. When emotions override our judgement, lines become blurry, and future can’t be accurately predicted, these enhances our opposition to technological progress similar to how some people tend to deny free trade.

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