Essay on The Invention Of A Single Global Economy

Essay on The Invention Of A Single Global Economy

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Since the late twentieth century, the world has experienced a vast transformation with regards to world economies, culture, and politics. The great advancements in technology and communication since the late twentieth century has served a catalysts for what is known today as globalization. The ambition to develop a single global economy along with a universal culture are the promises of globalization. Perhaps the clearest evidence that demonstrates globalization is a reality is the fact that at this point in time very diverse cultures form around the world closer to each other than ever before. That being said, when it comes to the spreading of democracy and human rights, having world cultures closer to each other can prove to be beneficial or maybe not.
The concept that outlines the idea globalization is that it amalgamates the world and encourages the formation of a universal economy as well as culture. Today, it has become difficult to claim that cultures from developed and undeveloped nations have not been influenced by globalization; technology has assured that people even in the poorest parts of the world can make contact with the rest of the world. The roots of globalization can be traced back to the first migration of humans to which eventually led to interactions with other humans; similarly to globalization, past human migrations have involved “…migrations from the core of empires to their periphery in acts of conquest and conversion followed by settlers; elite and mass migrations to imperial cores and cities from the hinterlands and the countryside in search of work; the expansion and contraction of nomadic societies” (Held, McGrew, Goldblatt, & Perraton). The notion behind globalization with regards to culture has be...

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...t is obvious that the present day world is not the same as it was forty to fifty years ago, little attention is situated on the fact that the world today is actually more democratic than it was before. There are in fact more people in the world today living in democratic countries than before. There is a positive correlation that exists between the increases in world trade, investment and, technological advancement with the increase number of democratic nations during the mid to late twentieth century. For countries to grow economically, it is vital to grow politically and socially something that democracy has been promoted to do. Globalization has forced utilitarian countries to become more economically open to the rest of the world and it has become difficult for developing nations to avoid it due to the economic growth and equality a worldwide economy promotes.

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