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The Invention Of A Camera Essay

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Camera History.The first camera like devices can be seen as far back as Ancient Greece and China. This piece of early technology was called the Obscura, the invention of this was an important part in developing cameras and photography. A camera Obscura is a dark closed space that is shaped like a box with a hole on the other side of it. The light that comes through the tiny hole projects an image that meets the wall of the box. The image was then drawn by an artist; however, the image was projected upside down.
The Kodak. Earlier designs of the cameras existed before the 1800’s, but that is when the first practical camera was developed. Next came the Kodak camera developed by a man named George Eastman; he marketed and sold this camera in the year 1888. This original version of the Kodak camera used flexible roll film, and was sold for $25. Customers could take hundreds of pictures on this camera and then have the camera sent in to get new film and print the pictures. The cost to print and install new film cost around $10, which for the day wasn’t cheap by any means. Early camera designs such as the 1888 model of the Kodak were just simple boxes with one shutter speed, and they were easy to use making them very popular especially with women. In 1889 a more modified version of this camera was produced;though, the original version is considered rare among collectors.
Kodak Brownie. In 1901 another Kodak camera came about and made a splash in the photography industry. This camera named the Kodak Brownie took only black and white photos, but was the first commercial camera available for the middle class. What made this camera different from the original Kodak is that the film could be taken out after shooting and developed by Kodak...

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... time and captivate us into a moment that seems far away and perhaps mystical. Images can be found from WWI, WWI, and even as far back as the civil war. Not only are the horrors of war captured, but many other memorable moments as well. Many famous moments in celebrity history have also been caught on film, and leaders of our nation have also shared the same spotlight.
Not only has the technology of the camera advanced, but the industry as a whole as well. From moments of infamy, to capturing heroes the camera has became a symbol for something greater than just a piece of technology. It has opened doors that have lead to great things, and it continues to open doors and shed light on different aspects in the world. It has been said over and over, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” They tell stories, and in many perspectives have became an art form all their own.

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