Essay on Invasive Insects For The Environment

Essay on Invasive Insects For The Environment

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Imagine you’re at home, ready to fall asleep. The life you lead is good, and you are content where you are. All of your neighbors are nice, friendly people, and you couldn’t be in any better place. The climate is perfect, and your family is prospering. As soon as you are about to drift into a deep sleep, a stranger breaks into your house and takes everything and everyone you love. They destroy your neighborhood and take your home. This is what life would be like if you were an ecosystem that was taken over by an invasive insect. Invasive insects are bad for the environment, and the only way to cure this growing epidemic is for people to be educated in the history and general knowledge of this subject, including the education in prevention, detection and management of these pests.
Invasive insects are a threat to the ecosystems in Pennsylvania as well as in the rest of North America. Invasive insects change food webs, are detrimental to habitats, and are the leading cause of the decline to indigenous life in Pennsylvania (Invasive species, 2015). According to Preston and Williams (2003), “Invasive alien species are emerging as one of the major threats to sustainable development, on a par with global warming and the destruction of life-support systems” (as cited in Invasive species, 2015). This statement can be interpreted to say that invasive insects are one of the biggest environmental problems that our society faces today. Most recently the invasive insects have been brought and transported unnaturally (Invasive species, 2015). This means that humans have assisted in this attack on the environment. Humans have done this intentionally and unintentionally; this was done as early as the pilgrims coming to America and as late as...

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...ould be imported to solve the ant problem (Mooallem, 2014). Rasberry needed to know the most suitable method to use so that he could do his job. This method happened to be biological and it cured the Crazy Ant infestation around Huston, Texas. Invasive insects are pests that need to be controlled and eradicated to preserve indigenous life in ecosystems. People need to be educated in order to have the knowledge to properly secure the native lands and life that everyone knows and enjoys on a daily basis. Imagine that you are back in your house and the stranger has just entered it, when a neighbor comes and saves you from this intruder. Everyone can be this neighbor, who is in a position to be a savior. The title of savior can be achieved by having a knowledge of invasive insects and by using that knowledge to take the appropriate actions to preserve our native species.

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