Introduction To Ben Massell Dental Clinic Essay

Introduction To Ben Massell Dental Clinic Essay

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Exploration and Assessment
Currently, I am interning at Ben Massell Dental Clinic (BMDC). BMDC is a nonprofit organization located 700 Fourteenth St NW, Atlanta, GA. The clinic provides dental services to individuals who live in the 13 metro Atlanta counties that are homeless/low income and do not have dental insurance. Individuals that receive services from BMDC are impacted by different factors, such as micro, mezzo, and macro level. On a micro level, individual factors, poor oral health can cause disease, tooth decay, etc. Eventually, leading to that individual being insecure about their mouth. Mezzo level, it may prevent someone from getting a job because they can not speak clearly, the smell of their mouth, etc. Poor oral health also can lead to oral cancer, pain, and disabilities. On a mezzo level, the importance of oral health is often overlooked oral health is essential to overall health. BMDC does not only service their clients with dental work but social services as well. A high percentage of individuals that are accepted as a client have other issues they need assistance with as well, counseling, housing, employment, healthcare, vision, food, clothing, etc.
This semester I was able to deal with a client name Claudia, fake name. Claudia is a 56-year-old widow. Her husband died in 2012. Soon after Claudia had to move out what was once her home after the death of her late husband. Claudia was going through a legal issue to get her husband pension. Moving out of her home, she became homeless. Claudia would sleep over her sons’ daughters’ mother homes, two of her son’s baby’s mother. She took all her furniture and moved it to a storage unit for over three years. The storage company she is currently with is raising the rent...

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...on has until the next visit to bring it in. Usually, there would be a pop-up once a worker put in the patient information letting the individual know if the person is not a patient and other information. There are other ways to find out if a person is a patient. I was unaware to tell if she was a client or not, I was told there will always be a pop-up. I did not know she was not a patient until one of the AmeriCorps worker that works at the front desk (dental office) and the social services department told me she was not a patient. Fortunately, Claudia did not get mad that she was not a patient at the clinic. She was appreciative of all the work I have done for her even though she was not a patient. If the client is not a current patient at the clinic, they can not receive any services from the social services department so there would be no follow up on the patient.

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