Essay about Introduction Of The Elder - Original Writing

Essay about Introduction Of The Elder - Original Writing

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Introduction of the Elder

When I was first informed about the life review assignment, the concept of the assignment seemed unfamiliar to me. I had always avoided asking older people questions about their childhood or young adult times because I was afraid I would trigger bad memories. This particular patient however, had shared at a previous time memories of her adolescent years, so I felt safe in asking her if she would allow me to do an interview for the life review assignment.
I.M. is a 76 year old White, female who lives with her grandson in Arlington, Texas. She was born in Columbia. During the first eight years of her life she lived with her aunt and uncle in Columbia. It was not until after she turned eight years old that she went to live with her biological parents. She was always afraid of her dad and she would not accept her mother’s love and care because of how that would make her feel on the inside. I.M said it was a weird feeling she had in her stomach. She was not well accepted by her siblings and was said mean things such as “you are not my sister”. She along with her siblings would have to walk two hours to get to school each day. She mentioned about how it was even mandatory to attend school on Sundays or they would get zeros for all the work they had done throughout the week. She graduated High school at the age of 15 and found a job in which she was able to raise enough money to move to the United States at age 17. Once she was in the U.S, she lived with the same aunt and uncle that she lived with when she was a young child. She attended a Baptist church and had a friend that mentioned she should write to her brother, so she did. This is how she met her husband. Her husband to be came back from...

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...son stage I am on. The most significant point of the interview to me was when I.M. started to talk about how angry she had been at her husband for all that time. The reason for this being is that I then had to use therapeutic communication and be empathetic with her so that I would not lose her trust during the interview. There was no difficult part of the interview. I would have in mind that they once were young also and just because they are of an older age does not mean that they do not have feelings or needs. Legacy to me means leaving something of value behind. Something of value that has been developed over time to be left behind to the generations to come. I would like for my legacy to be the importance of having a kind heart towards people regardless of their age. We are all humans but at different stages of life and should be deserved to be treated equally.

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