Essay about Introduction of Secularism to Islamic States

Essay about Introduction of Secularism to Islamic States

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Although secularism is familiarized by most of the world, it was introduced late to Islamic states because religion and politics were not as intertwined as many believed to be. Drawing comparisons to Roman Catholicism in Europe, the church and state encountered many struggles which created setbacks in society whereas, Muslims were moderately stable and leaders played roles in society to ensure order. The major difference was that no such set of body existed that would dictate the laws unlike Christian churches. Islamic scriptures like the Qu’ran have been used but not to a great extent and Islamic Law, such as Sharia Law, has been reinterpreted when necessary. One can argue that leaders from abroad have helped to decline the usage of religious doctrines where Professor Keddie has asserted, “Words like secular were not widely used in Muslim countries until the twentieth century. Then, until roughly 1967, secular nationalists and socialists played a growing political role in the Muslim world, coming to power in several countries and carrying out secularising programmes as a concomitant to modernisation”(CITE). Islamists from within the country or outside can help to reinstate this policy where programmes played a crucial role in demoralizing doctrines that were not needed and instead used politics, power and law how it should be. This proves that decades ago, the principle of secularization helped to diminish cultural aspects including the texts that interpreted law. One can argue that this does not affect gender policies which is the basis of this paper, however, if leaders were to not judge society based on religious doctrines, then this indeed, can benefit women. The doctrines of many religions, including Islam, tend to be in fav...

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...nd terrorism, and hence, the society develops this sense of paranoia that there is no hope for the future. Another concept that true democracy incorporates is “equal participation of women in politics and in all aspects of social life […] especially those run on the basis of Sharia, women are discriminated against and are barred from holding high office (CITE)”. In order for development to happen, actions must be taken within the country first and this starts from the head of state. If offices are corrupted because of how leaders treat politics and religion together, then other non-profit organizations will not participate in any activities to reduce gender discrimination. Democracy allows the council to directly communicate with their members (society), and judgments based on religious ideologies should be kept as a personal opinion and not be invoked publically.

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