Introduction Of Myself - Original Writing Essay

Introduction Of Myself - Original Writing Essay

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Introduction of myself
Growing up my Father always told my brother and I "If you want to have nice things in life you will have to work for them." In addition to,"If you want to have nice things, you need to maintain them." Although, the lessons themselves may seem like common sense to some, and useless to others, for me these lessons are some of the most important. I apply these lessons to my academic life, and it has made all the difference.

I would be described by my teachers as hardworking and determine. Growing up my parents never settled for anything less than "my best." Despite, I didn 't even know what my best was, rather they didn 't settle for anything less than "their expectations." They knew what they were doing when they would make me erase, redo, try again, "actually just get a new piece of paper." They were instilling a good work ethic, and showing me, what my best really was. Until, I knew what my best and their expectations were. Currently, my best surpasses my parents expectations. As for my academic career, I work hard because I want to have superb grades. Ha...

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