Introduction Of Criminal Justice Term Paper

Introduction Of Criminal Justice Term Paper

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Introduction to Criminal Justice Term Paper
“Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on”, this quote from Robert Kennedy still applies to modern society and the law enforcement that governs it. Police officers have always been seen as the criminal and criminals have been seen as the victims. This stigma that police have earned from unrealistic movies have complicated the job of law enforcement. Media has taken every report of police brutality and made a great deal of it to make money. The media will only show the side of the story that sells more newspapers and earns more views. Police officers are criticized for not doing enough, because they fear they will be judged for using force of “unnecessary violence”. They are also criticized when they take action; that they were trained to do, because the crowd sees it as an act of brutality. The message of how citizens want law enforcement to be run is unclear. People want safety, but are become upset when actions are taken to enforce law. In this situation it has become necessary to have a set rule of laws that govern the United States, also to have trained officials in charge of enforcing laws. Although, media bias and political correctness affect law enforcement in a negative way, our law enforcement agencies are able to keep the nation under control.
The United States Law Enforcement was founded on government documents that contained laws, which were designed to govern our nation. John Adams once said, “A government of laws, and not of men.” Our government officials cannot commit actions unless they are considered lawful; no one is above the law. This can create conflict with our...

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...stem is mainly based on evidence. However, political correctness is based the thoughts and feelings, with no evidence to back up how these claims are correct.
Our Criminal Justice system may have some flaws, but it serves as a structure to keep society organized. Citizens may have to give up civil liberties at times, but that loss serves to protect them from crime. It is important to be correctly informed about what is happening in today’s society and not to blindly believe media. Citizens must be aware of information that comes from different views of a situation and to be sure that the source is credible. It is the citizen’s job to keep up to date with the correct information and know what is best for the nation. What is best for the nation is not what is always being portrayed as the correct action to take, but merely what would benefit a certain group the most.

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