Introducing The World Of Psychology Essay

Introducing The World Of Psychology Essay

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Chapter 1: Introducing the World of Psychology
1.) Psychology is the study of how humans think, behave and feel and how the brain receives and processes information. Five major aspects that psychology focuses on are mental activity, behavior, critical thinking, social interaction and emotional processes. Mental activity allows us to use our five senses to perceive our surroundings. Our behavior is how we react to the information we receive about our surroundings. Critical thinking that helps us evaluate information to find a sensible, well-supported conclusion. Social interaction allows us to communicate with others while emotional processes helps us understand and effectively integrate our emotions in our daily lives.
2.) One modern subfield of psychology is Personality psychology which involves the study of an individual and the characteristics of their personality that can change over their lifetime and with different personal experiences.
3.) An interesting topic of study within the subfield of Personality psychology would be whether introversion and extraversion in children is more influenced by nature or by nurture.
4.) In this case nurture would be how often the child was exposed to social interaction through parents, siblings and friends. Nature would be how hereditary extraversion and introversion are and if those traits are passed down, and if so how much of either trait is passed down to the child.
Chapter 4: Development Across the Lifespan
1.) There are three domains in which development is grouped: physical, cognitive and socio-emotional. Physical development is the growth and changes in the body and brain, the improvement of motor skills and increase in hormones. Cognitive development is how our thoughts and mental...

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...hich is processing it and is comprehending and memorizing the feeling of the chair. When you are hungry or if you can feel that you are full, that is your autonomic nervous system working and sending signals to your brain to ingest food. Getting excited or nervous about an important sports game or a performance can engage your sympathetic nervous system within your autonomic nervous system. Your heart rate may increase and you might start sweating and breathing harder. When you go to sleep your parasympathetic nervous system will decrease your heart rate and increase respiration. When you touch a hot pan the somatic division of your peripheral nervous system will receive the information from your neurons and pass it on to your central nervous system which will process it and tell the somatic nervous system that in response your hand should be taken off of the hot pan.

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