Intragroup Competition Is When Members Within A Group Essay

Intragroup Competition Is When Members Within A Group Essay

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Intragroup competition is when members within a group see their goal achievements as negatively related. This is when an individual member is acting toward his or her goals interferes and makes less effort to fulfill of another individual members goals (Na 'im, 2004).Competition in a work environment is not generally positive.It is an inventible part of an organisation which employed individuals with high aspirations and are also well driven.Competition causes unhealthy rivalry that leads to employees resenting against each other.This is because employee within groups is attempting to outperform one another prior to their performance levels.Since we live in a competitive world, an excellent performance is quite valued by most leaders and employees are being judged by it.Every individual is assessed due to their performances in comparison with every member in the work environment. However ,regardless of the way that it enables to motivate employees it likewise leads to a variety of negative effects.Because all employees want to be successful and to be rewarded this lead them to compete which therefore lead to conflict .

One of the most noticeable purposes behind intragroup conflict can be for resources,work reliance,communication barriers and reward structures.Competition in the workplaces is an astounding and common situation. This kind of internal competition is portrayed by a few workers who are hired by the same organization who competes against each others in regard to their work performance to get higher reward and bonus payment.Because of the competition against groups reproduce pressure, stress and more issues in their work effort.This is because of the members within groups don 't function well under pressure and are not...

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...e success of the organization, it has encountered both interpersonal and group issues that are affecting the work effort of employees as well as the performance level of the company. Some of the issues such as, friendship at work, Leader Member Exchange (LMX), Intragroup competition / conflict, Low cohesion and Negative performance norm. Therefore, to handle the situations a given solution and recommendations for the above issue are provided .These given recommendation approaches can possibly deliver exceptionally valuable ways that can be basically relevant to common work issues at Techno Savvy Limited. From this literature review, it is proved that these situations can be managed by individuals or by the organisation. If Techno Savvy Limited follows the strategies resolution and approaches mentioned above, the company can increase the net gains in productivity.

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