Intra Group Violence Against Black Women Essays

Intra Group Violence Against Black Women Essays

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Contextual Analysis
A quote by Darlene Hine, an African American historian that has studied violence, particularly intra-group violence against Black women, sums up the experience of Black women provides some insight as to why it has been and still continues to be difficult for Black women to protect their bodily rights and seek the justice deserved:
I suggest that rape and the threat of rape influenced the development of a culture of dissemblance among Black women. By dissemblance I mean the behavior and attitudes of Black women that created the appearance of openness and disclosure but actually shielded the truth of their inner lives and selves from their oppressors (1989).
Dissemblance is a concept that has been frequently mentioned by Black, feminist scholars when
Describing the context of violence against Black women especially when it comes from Black men. It refers to the culture of secrecy that has been maintained in order to protect the front of Black solidarity. Therefore, in some instances intra-race violence has been deemed justifiable in the name of Black liberation. However, this has only lead to Blacks believing that this violence is not an actual problem and thus, ignoring it. (Crenshaw 1991). Although Black women may talk about it amongst themselves, it is not something that is disclosed publicly for reasons that are related to intersectionality.
In order to contextualize the issue of intra-group violence against Black women, it is important to understand the role that intersectionality plays on these women. There are many factors that can make a person who they are. These factors can include race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, etc. Nevertheless, a person cannot di...

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