`` Intoxicated By My Illness `` By Anatole Broyard

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When one dies, does his presence fade away with his decaying body, or remain immortal? In the poignant yet inspirational essay, “Intoxicated by My Illness,” by Anatole Broyard, the author is informed about his prostate cancer, which leads him to gain a new perspective on himself and his life. Unlike most people who undergo the phase of despair and anxiety in the face of death, Broyard quickly accepts his imminent death, or “ [turns] toward it (343).” Despite the fact that his friends view such action as “courage,” (343) he believes his optimistic attitude is attributed to his “desire;” (344) he is cognizant that his “desire”- his view, thoughts, and presence- will be eternal. Broyard’s desire “to live, to write, to do everything,” (344) swells as he approaches death, and such booming desire inspires him to live his life- his last moments in life- fullest and brightest. His new way of living is exemplified through his expanding gratitude towards every minute element– his wife’s burger, his friends, even his functioning body. To Broyard, simply “being alive” (344) is the best way to ...

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