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Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer Essay

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Into the Wild
Being in the wild is a great experience, it opens doors and bridges inside one’s mind. It allows people to be inspired, to find hope. It gives people a sense of direction and helps people conquer challenges that they never thought they would achieve. The example left behind by a young man named Christopher McCandless in Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer demonstrates how living on the road and surviving off the land can prove to be a pilgrimage and help enlighten others to go out in search of their own philosophical ideals. Whether it is being away from home and travel all across America, not settling down in one place, but staying long enough in one place and have an affect on someone else, or being with your family hiking up a mountain and be able to look at the scenery that nature brought forth.
People often misjudge the wild, and feel that they can survive with little to no equipment. Such As Christopher Johnson McCandless, where he had strongly in his mind that he was going to Alaska. he goes, but he does with nothing but his car and his .22 Rifle. He had graduated From Emory University- which has an acceptance rate of 26.8 percent, it’s known for Niche- with honors of his class, he had 25 thousand dollars left in his bank account, in which he donates. He was an intelligent, well rounded person, but he traveled the United States unprepared.
When Krakauer wrote this book, he had gotten backlash. In chapter 8, there were numerous comments of people stating that what he did was pointless and some calling him a “kook.” A kook is a crazy or eccentric person, that sounds like an accurate portrait of him considering the fact that they weren’t in his shoes, they didn’t understand how he felt. For instance if I was to go sk...

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...d with her while climbing my two other cousins who were there, and she said that she felt like she can go all they way to the top because they were cheering her on. Once we heard about that every time we would go to the top we would clap kind of like a team to support her and to give her hope. That is what McCandless was like though he wasn’t overweight he had those people basically cheering him on.
If my cousin can walk up a large hill and McCandless can travel all the way to Alaska, the it proves that everyone is meant for hiking. It might take different preparations or they might need different things to help them get through with the journey of the wild, then they can use that. Once they go to the wildlife and they accomplish that then they feel like they can do other things and it makes the feel good about themselves. It opens the doors and bridges in their mind.

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