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Chris McCandless lived a life in which he disgusted by human civilization, and left it, eventually being led to his death in Alaska. McCandless entered the Alaskan wilderness severely unprepared, a brutal error that cost him his life. In the novel, Into the Wild by John Krakauer, Chris glances into his mindset by they way of his journal, history, and analysis of his life reveals that Chris McCandless as an arrogant and judgemental narcissist, while not mentally unstable, had a condescending attitude towards society and perished not only from his reckless stupidity but also from his unparalleled ego. Chris McCandless was immune to love and had an obsession with nature and society, him showing characteristics that created the appearance of McCandless being mentally deranged, when in reality he was not.
Within his family, the person with whom McCandless had a relationship that resembled one of love was his sister Carine. He was very protective of and very open about his emotions to her. However in the end, he was able to leave her behind with very little regret. His ability to leave shows that he did not truly love Carine, as if he did he would not be able to leave her, nor would he be able to allow her to worry about his health, safety, and whereabouts in the way that he did. The situation repeated when Christopher McCandless crossed paths with Ronald Franz. Franz truly cared for McCandless. He did what he could to keep McCandless healthy and safe, and encouraged McCandless’s beliefs and dreams while trying to convince McCandless to consider safety. McCandless was aware of these efforts yet still kept his distance from Franz and denied Franz’s request to adopt McCandless. Krakauer states in the novel that, “McCandless was thrilled ...

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...uired to be aware that his skills were not completely up to par. However, the fact that he believed he had a chance at survival without those skills shows that he greatly underestimated nature.
Moreover, McCandless left civilization behind because he disagreed with their beliefs and values, which he thought were trivial. By his shunning these beliefs and values, he showed that he saw his beliefs and values to be better than society’s. This clearly marks a level of superciliousness. Furthermore, by his ability to be so judgemental towards his father and his family for their mistakes, he shows that he believes himself morally superior to. Hence, McCandless is not a hero to be recognized for his actions. He was very scornful and vain, and this led him to renounce society. He should, however, teach us a lesson about our place in the world and about respect and humility.

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