Essay Intimate Relationship Of Intimate Partner Violence

Essay Intimate Relationship Of Intimate Partner Violence

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Academic literature and public perceptions do not always come to a consensus on the topic of intimate partner violence. In fact, public perceptions of intimate partner violence are not always backed by research. For example, the public often frames intimate partner violence as a “woman’s issue.” While, it is true that intimate partner violence affects women more than men, intimate partner violence is not based on sex or gender. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2011), within the United States, intimate partner violence affects more than one out of three women (35.6%), and more than one out of four men (28.5%). In other words, all women (heterosexual and non-heterosexual) and all men (heterosexual and non-heterosexual) can become a victim of intimate partner violence. Another misconception about intimate partner violence is the belief that victims of intimate partner violence can simply leave the relationship. “Why does she [he] stay” is a popular talking point when discussing the victims of intimate partner violence. The public’s perception is that victims of intimate partner violence choose to stay with the abuser; yet, research shows a different perspective. Schumann and Valente’s (2002) study reports that victims of intimate partner violence leave the relationship several times before leaving for good. Barnett, Miller-Perrin, and Perrin (1997) reported that women leave their abusers an average of six times before leaving and never returning (as cited in Scheffer Lindgren & Renck, 2008). One possible explanation of why it takes intimate partner violence victims an average of six times to leave is that they lack adequate resources to leave; such as finances, safe housing, and social support ...

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.... Judges can inform jurors, in the jury instructions, that gender should be disregarded from the case. The cases presented in this paper used mock jurors (Hodell, Wasarhaley, Lynch, and Golding, 2014; Thompson, Merrifield, & Chinnery, 2011); therefore the jurors did not deliberate. Jury deliberation might have nullified the biases of the jurors in those cases.
For future research, researchers should research how a defendant’s gender and/or sexual orientation affect jurors’ decision making during intimate partner violence cases. Juror bias against sexual orientation is not well studied. Understanding how gender bias interacts with sexual orientation bias will benefit both researchers, intimate partner violence advocates, and lawyers. It will also aid victims of intimate partner violence; thereby, increasing the likelihood that they receive a fair trial.

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