Intimacy Is More Than An Intimate Act Essay

Intimacy Is More Than An Intimate Act Essay

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When we hear the word intimacy we most likely think about an intimate act, like sexual intercourse; however, intimacy is more than an intimate act. According to the textbook Marriages and Families the term intimacy means “sharing intellectually, physically, and/or emotionally with another person” and it occurs “when individuals disclose information about themselves allowing themselves to become vulnerable, and involves trusting that the other person will not use that information to cause harm” (Olson, DeFrain, & Skogrand 2014, p. 2). I certainly agree with this definition because I cannot become intimate with everyone, it takes time and trust for that to happen. I can become emotionally intimate with my friend if I can trust her with my feeling and my worries. For me, intimacy is a slow process that can only happen if there is trust and respect between individuals. I am an introvert and it takes me a long time to trust someone and open myself to them because it frightens me the idea of people judging or harming me with information that could hurt me a lot.
Friendship is what keeps us communicated and what keeps us going in life. The term friendship is defined as an eight component word which includes: enjoyment, acceptance, trust, respect, mutual assistance, confiding, understanding, and spontaneity. (Olson, DeFrain, & Skogrand 2014, p. 247-248). All these components describe what a friendship is and what it needs. I as well agree with this definition because a friendship is not just being friends and hanging out is more than that. In a friendship, individuals must be able to enjoy each other presence, accept one another, trust one another, respect each other, mutually help and support one another, confiding, understanding one ...

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...hat a real friendship is because having her as my friend is a blessing.
I used to think I was in love when I was 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 years old, but it wasn 't until I was sixteen years old when I began loving an incredible guy, my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been together for more than five years and stronger than ever. Our communication has increased so much between us that I think is what keeps us going. We are committed to one another and we are always wishing the best for each other and our relationships. In fact, we are always brainstorming our future together and coming up with plans to avoid issues between us.
Finally, intimacy is something that I can only develop with certain people like by really good friend and my boyfriend. Since I’m an introvert it is very difficult to open myself with strangers or with people that haven 't earned my trust.

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