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Interview With The Engineering School Essay

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For this communications class, we were asked to interview someone in our career/major path. This person would answer our questions about communication in their respective field. I am currently working to get into the Engineering school here at UMD, so I had to find an engineer. I already knew a family friend who is currently working at the engineering Firm SK&A. His name is Tariku Wakene and he is an assistant project manager. Tariku has lots of education backing his career. He got his undergraduate back in Ethiopia. Then when he came to the United States he applied to Howard University in their structural engineering graduate program. He received his master’s in structural engineering and continues to work a good job at his firm. Now you can see why I chose Tariku to interview I will reflect on the process and what my weaknesses and strengths were.
We have established both the interviewer, me, and the interviewee, Tariku. To conduct this interview there were a few tasks that I had to complete. The first was writing an agenda for the interview which was writing an outline. This outline introduced my topic of communication in the field of engineering. I asked Tariku about his profession, background, and education. Then 3 main sub questions asking about communication between my interviewee and all sort of people and objects he must communicate with. Within the 3 main sub-questions I had a couple of bullets that asked more questions and provided sources to show why each question was so important to ask. Then I concluded my outline by asking is there anything my interviewee wanted to add that might be important for an engineering student. Then I asked my father, who is close with Tariku if he could ask him to allow me to conduct a sho...

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...most communication outside of meetings and work is done through emails he told me that all emails are formal to avoid and miscommunication.
Finally, I will wrap up this reflection with what I learned about interviews and how I will use this to my advantage in the future. To find a career/job I must interview many times and having a great interview is the difference between getting a job and not. As interviewee, I learned that you must be able to answer a question as clear as possible. It’s also important to be prepared for interview, understand what you will be asked and lots of practice to improve my interviewing skills. For example, Tariku could attend Howard university where he learned about communication and gained practice in working with others which gave him lots of knowledge on communication and how it’s important for him today and for the rest of his career.

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